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Single Estate: Rehoboth Estate, Calinan, Davao
Single Estate: Rehoboth Estate, Calinan, Davao

Single Estate: Rehoboth Estate, Calinan, Davao

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From Calinan, 600 feet above sea level, is blessed by the rich volcanic soils of the mythical Mt. Apo. The Rehoboth estate was founded by missionary efforts, who started to educate farmers in the area about cacao planting, farming and fermenting. “Rehoboth” is from the Bible; it is the name of a well that Isaac dug, which served as a symbol that “the Lord has created space for us to prosper in this land.” Rehoboth estate won top 10 Philippines national cacao awards for bean quality and flavor.

We lovingly roast the beans and then stone grind, conch and temper the chocolate to attain the tasting notes of green apple and florals.

This product

  • is vegan
  • is proudly two-ingredient (only cocoa beans and unrefined sugar)
    • It does not contain any emulsifier (often added to make the chocolate more fluid and efficient to make, as well as heat-resistant to melting)
    • It does not contain any added flavoring of any kind (natural or otherwise)
    • It does not contain any soy
  • is crafted from chocolate that has had nothing taken out of it. Some manufacturers use "cacao mass" or "cacao powder" -- this means the valuable (and naturally-occurring) cacao butter was removed and replaced with cheap vegetable oils

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