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Holy, Good Granolly! PB and Joy

Holy, Good Granolly! PB and Joy

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We've come up with a new flavor:  PB and Joy! :)

If you grew up eating peanut butter with chocolate (sandwiches, granola bars, ice cream, cupcakes... you name it), then this is a cause for celebration -- prepare for straight-to-the-brain nostalgic hits. PB and Joy is the best of your childhood, with all the joy and none of the trauma (haha): chewy, crunchy, peanut buttery, chocolatey and just. sooo. good.

  • Made at home, most probably with high-vibe spiritual videos playing and lots of dancing in the background. All the good juju :) We believe that food made with love and loving, nourishing intention hits different than food that isn't.
  • Made with REAL ingredients. No crusty gross stuff we wouldn't feed our loved ones. Just pure goodness: 
    • PB and Joy full ingredients list: Whole rolled oats, organic coconut oil, Lily's peanut butter (because local over imported, always. and we use the variant with only peanuts and salt!), sunflower seeds, brown sugar, puffed rice, Plentitude chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla flavor, sea salt. That's really it!
  • Perfect eaten alone or on top of Greek yogurt (highly recommend this pairing!)

Please keep your bag of Holy, Good Granolly tightly sealed in between snacks! :) That way, it will stay fresher and yummier longer.